Attitude and Behaviors in Overweight and Normal weight individual

Overweight people are more optimistic that exercise will enhance their looks and self-esteem.
Exercising among young people, exercising around fit people, makes overweight persons feel more humiliated and afraid.

The higher a person's weight, the poorer his impression of health and the more negative feelings he would have when exercising at a health club.

Both normal weight and overweight people show the same desire to exercise and have similar opinions toward gym equipment. The most significant obstacle to exercise in overweight people is unfavorable attitudes against exercising in the presence of younger, fitter people.

Gyms and fitness centers should attempt to fight these negative views by devising strategies to help overweight people feel more at ease in a gym setting, but overweight people should also be aware that there are other options to working out in a gym.

You don't have to stop exercising because you don't feel comfortable working out at a gym. Take a stroll, buy workout videos to use at home, or enroll in a training program.

There are countless workout alternatives available for people of different sizes and personalities; all you have to do is select one you're ready to commit to.